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Our Care Home

Our Care Home

The "Pietro Zangheri" Care Home consists of one single residential building where we provide care and assistance for independent and dependent residents.

Our Care Home is situated in the historic centre of Forlì, and it is surrounded by a 17,000 m2 park. You also can come across a path that brings directly to the “Parco Urbano Franco Agosto”, the biggest park in Forlì.

Our 180-metre-long wooden pergola allows the residents to take a walk and breath some fresh air even during the hottest days of summer.

The Residential Home

It provides care for fully independent and partially independent residents who need additional assistance

The Nursing Home

It provides care for dependent residents. It is possible to apply for two types of accommodation: beds assigned through the social services or private beds assigned by us

Life at Pietro Zangheri Care Home

Inside our residence there is a gym that also offers physical therapy, a café, a library, a hair salon, the Pullini Theatre with its 248 seats, a church, a 17,000 m2 park, and the Mario Galassi exhibition room. Finally, our residence is home to the Libera Università per Adulti APS (the University of Forlì for elderly people).

Members of the Board

The "Pietro Zangheri" Care Home is run by a Board of Directors, which consists of 5 members, including the President of the Board. The 5 members are appointed by three different institutions in Forlì.

All 5 members offer their services free of charge.

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